Anna Buckner

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Still Together Apart
Nida Abdullah

Still Together Apart is a visual dialogue between Nida Abdullah and Anna Buckner. This project utilizes the form of the book as a means of inquiry through collaborative making. This invites visual and text responses by both Nida and Anna as they reflect on personal, philosophical, political, social, geographical, and technological issues (like life).

Who and what systems dictate the conventions of visual language? How might working collaboratively challenge systems of publishing, authorship and dissemination?

What is the tension between ownership/non-ownership and generosity in art and design?

How might the artifact become a representation of the dialogue itself?
How does material create content and meaning? What modes of making enforce oppressive systems? What are alternative approaches that invite a pluralistic perspective?

This section is created in Google Slides. This approach offers accessibility, openness and playfulness. By taking this approach, using a digital platform for its unintended use, we are embracing alternative modes publishing, authorship and dissemination.